20 Agustus 2009


Who was President of The State We're 2 in this ????? . So far the answer would be President Soeharto. Actually, the 2nd president of the State of Indonesia is not Soeharto, but Syafruddin Prawiranegara, Sundanese figures, from Serang, according to Revelation Atmakusumah Hasan, 77 years old, one of the witnesses and perpetrators of history, retired police officer and as a medium of a literary Sundanese.
Based on historical facts, President Soekarno, Vice-President who is also Prime Minister Moh. Hatta, and some of his cabinet colleagues, on December 19, 1948 when it was in the prisoner by the Dutch. First Dutch military aggression conducted a second time. Capital Center for the Republic of Indonesia at that time, Yogyakarta, was captured by Dutch troops.
In order to continue running the Government of Indonesia, President Sukarno sent a telegram to the Minister of Welfare, Syafruddin Prawiranegara, who was in Bukit Tinggi, Sumatra. Contents, mandates the President to Syafruddin to form a Government of Indonesia in Sumatra.
Mr. Hatta as PRIME MINISTER also sent a telegram to India, precisely to Dr.Soedarsono, Palar, and to Mr. Maramis who was in New Delhi. Contents assigned to the three movement leaders had to form a government if Syafruddin Prawiranegara fugitive is inconvenient, because in the Dutch resistance, for example.
Hatta assigned to the three leaders had held a coordination with Syafruddin in West Sumatra. Meant to avoid miss-communication between the three characters Syafruddin and earlier.
Telegram from the President was not until received at the hands Syafruddin. But with the attitude deftly and assisted by local fighters, eventually Syafruddin formed Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PDRI). With the Emergency Government, the struggle could be continued to maintain independence. Emergency Government itself lasted approximately 8 months.
Dated May 7, 1949, lasted Agreement-Roijn Roem. Syafruddin disappointed with President Sukarno, who accept the Dutch proposals to be invited to negotiate, but the time of Sukarno and the other was a prisoner in Bangka. Should, at least tell Sukarno first to Syafruddin. At least, Syafruddin who led the Government of Indonesia.
However, prolonged Syafruddin not discuss the issue. Who overlooked is the struggle to maintain independence was proclaimed on August 17, 1945. Its mandate was eventually handed back to the Soekarno.
When will attend the Round Table Conference (RTC) in The Hague, Netherlands, Moh.Hatta raised Syafruddin Deputy Prime Minister in Sumatra. The point in case. If the RTC fails, the struggle against the Dutch in Sumatra could be continued as before. At that time, Syafruddin stationed in Aceh
Although only 8 months of government, despite calls emergency government only, if I could Syafruddin Prawiranegara mentioned as President?? Legal experts say Syafruddin State administration can not be President of the Second Republic. On this side, Syafruddin called the acting president, who runs the task the President because the President can not perform his presidential duties, because this is the prisoner.
Source: Newspaper Sunda Galura after translate

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  1. wah...nggak tau ya. tapi yang apsti fungsi PDRI saat itu sangat penting. cuma sayang sering dilupakan saat ini...nggak ada pembahasan sejarah yang lengkap tentang PDRI.

    oiya link laskargaluh udah dipasang tuh... :)

  2. oh ya, jadi inget pas dulu belajar sejarah. artikel yang bagus, terima kasih sudah berbagi


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